New Manager Orientation and Mentoring Program

January 11, 2011 in Apartment Management Ideas, Brainstorming Sessions

This fantastic idea came to us from Karen Wilson, Cost Management, Company Inc.

The Idea – As part of our new manager training we have implemented a Manager Mentor Program.  After each new manager comes in for a day of training on company policy and procedures, we select a Resident Manager from the Property Manager’s portfolio to provide another eight hours of training at their community or at the new managers community.  Both managers are provided with an Agenda of topics to cover.

How It Works – The Manager Mentor contacts the new manager and sets
up a date and time within the first week of employment.  The goal is to spend at least eight hours.  Many managers choose to break this up into two four hour trainings or several two hour trainings as time and attention spans allow.  Upon completion both the mentors and the new managers sign the agenda and return it to the corporate office.  We compensate the Manager Mentors with $50 for going above and beyond the call of duty.

The benefits – This program establishes communications with one of our current managers who is doing the same job as we are asking the new manager to do successfully. They are able to share helpful hints and new managers are more comfortable asking questions of other managers.  The program provides an ongoing relationship with a manager the new manager can contact if they forget how to do something or are unsure about the process.  The Manager Mentors have reported that mentoring was a great review and refreshed and enervated their own performances.


New Manager Name
Apartment Community


Dear New Manager:

__________________________(name(s) of Manager Mentors) of the __________________________ Apartments have agreed to provide your Day in the Life of a Resident Manager Training.  Attached is an agenda of the topics for you will cover with them.

Please arrange a date and time that will work best for both of you.  We suggest that you complete this within the next week as it will help you immensely as you take on your new job responsibilities.

Once you have completed this portion of your training please sign off on the form they have to indicate completion. We are glad you are part of our management team!


Karen L. Wilson
Director, Multi Family Management


A Day In the Life of a Resident Manager

With ___________________________    (Manager Mentor)
________________________________    (Community)
(     )                           (Phone number)

Discussion Topics

  • ¨ Setting up the office
  • ¨ Maintaining Resident Files
  • ¨ Renting Apartments
  • ¨ Preparation of Turnovers
  • ¨ Signs/Advertising/Curb Appeal
  • ¨ Traffic Log
  • ¨ Showing the apartment
  • ¨ How to Complete a Lease/Rental Agreement
  • ¨ Addendums
  • ¨ Security Deposits
  • ¨ Move In Reports
  • ¨ Maintenance
  • ¨ What to Watch For
  • ¨ Minor Repairs – Change a lock, replacing/ordering light bulbs, etc.
  • ¨ Vendors
  • ¨ Market Surveys – How to Complete a Market Survey
  • ¨ New Manager Assignment: Visit five apartments within 5 miles of your new property as a renter.  Complete a market survey

New Manager:
Apartment Community Name:
Phone Number:

Eight Hours of Manager Mentoring was completed on this (these)  date(s) ___________________________________________________________
By ___________________,  Manager of __________________________
___________________________        __________________
New Manager                    Date
___________________________        __________________
Manager Mentor                    Date